A whole new world


1421287_10152853903564703_7395548310053933286_oIt’s been like Piccadilly Circus here today with children in and out. This morning saw the usual dancing and football taxi service and then this afternoon Kirstie had her first trip to the cinema ON HER OWN! A friend’s lovely Mum took them and then left them at the cinema while she shopped. Kirstie, of course, took the whole thing in her stride, as if she had been doing it forever, but for me it’s a whole new world!

With Gemma at a Frozen sing-along (where else?), also at the cinema, Ben and I took advantage of a sister-free afternoon and made our first chocolate layer cake. Ben said he’s really proud of himself!

I just can’t help myself


Here we go again! Having planned to take a break from writing, I seem to have managed one day! Today has been one of those days. I woke up at 8.54am … and the rest of the house was still asleep. Panic! I had a flu job booked for 8.58am so I flew out of the house and got back 10 minutes later to find the kids ready to go; Richard took Ben to school and I took Kirstie to school, then Gemma to the swimming pool to meet her class. It’s never good to start the day this way, so after these shenanigans (I love that word!), it’s an early night tonight. Richard and I were talking yesterday about how nobody seems jet-lagged … looks like we spoke too soon!

I haven’t really settled yet since we’ve been back but tomorrow it’s time to buckle down, pull my socks up and do some work. Doh!

The end! Or is it …?


Woo hoo! I’ve made it to ‪#‎100happydays‬! If you’re reading this blog, then presumably you know how and why it started:

But at the moment my life is completely off kilter having just lost my Mum and nothing will ever be quite the same again. To try and cheer myself up I’m going to write #100happydays to remind myself of all the great things in my life. Not that I need reminding; I know how lucky I am. I just need a focus. So that’s it. 100 days. Every day. The road to happiness.

Some days were much harder than others and some days I surprised myself with what made me happy – often it was the smallest details of my day. I wouldn’t say it has made me happier, but it has made me appreciate even more so fantastic family & friends and the lovely life I have.

Funnily enough, I won’t be committing to ‪#‎365happydays‬ (I heard that sigh of relief), but I will continue to look out for what makes me happy … only I’ll try to do it in my head and not out loud!

But this is not the end! I will continue to write my blog, but only when I have something that I think is worth saying, not because I have to, so I’ll see you around dear friends.




IMG_4711‪#‎100happydays‬ Day 96: happiness is surprising your sister by being in a restaurant in Boston as she walked in!

Day 97: happiness is exploring Boston, including the Constitution and throwing tea overboard at the Boston Tea Party, then dinner at Legal Seafoods, where Ben & Gemma both fell asleep at the table!

Day 98: happiness is having fun in Boston, even in the rain – good day to ride a Duck! Then dinner for 18 in the North End to celebrate Linda’s birthday, followed by Gelato.

Day 99: happiness is catching up with family friends, then the IMG_5362kids seeing where Linda & Brett live, following by shopping in Faneuil Hall, then a water taxi back to the airport for the red eye home.

Day 100: happiness is reflecting on an amazing weekend spending time with family, made possible by my Dad (who was also there) and knowing that Linda told Brett that she was the happiest she had been in over two years.

Happiness is also finishing the #100happydays challenge, which I haven’t even had time to reflect upon!

Book (Wine) Club


Book Club#100happydays Day 93: happiness is a fab night out for our (belated) Book Club summer social. AKA Wine Club!

Unhappiness is the migraine that followed as soon as I arrived home and my vision started to do strange things. Feeling very fragile today (and before you think it, I was driving last night, so no vino for me) and so today’s happiness (day 94) is looking forward to going to bed tonight with John Bishop. Steady on people, it’s his autobiography, which is making me laugh out loud, much to Richard’s annoyance!

Lost weekend


Gosh, Sunday night already! Where has the weekend gone? I would like to say the answer is in a whirl of partying and socialising but unfortunately that’s not true! Very boringly, it has been a weekend of sorting out and getting back on top of jobs in the house. *Yawn*

10151877_10152811657144703_7632170991407791819_n#100happydays Day 90: happiness is hearing the kids playing outside with the neighbours, even though it’s nearly dark. It appears to be a giant game of ‘it’, although they’re all running in the same direction!

10484700_10152813643679703_4747003640102893118_nDay 91: happiness is starting the day with a new shower gel and my favourite scent. Good morning Saturday!

Day 92: happiness is running around all weekend and being pain free after months of pain and then having a cortisone injection in my foot on Thursday. Hopefully I’ll be back in heels soon – before anyone else can borrow them!


Champagne and margaritas


deli#100happydays Day 88: happiness is shopping and Champagne @ Westfield!

Day 89: Ben made a scone at school today and insists he put in flour and margarita! Hic!

As some of you will know, I started training for the Cancer Research UK Shine marathon but was so disappointed at having to pull out as I hurt my foot. I have had a cortisone injection today to try and get it better. Fingers crossed it will do the trick. Anyone fancy a walk?scone

Snap Happy


IMG_4487#100happydays Day 87: happiness is going on a photography course, something I have wanted to do for ages. Mum and Dad gave me a fab camera for my (ahem) 21st, and I love taking photos, although taking over 4,000 in Florida might have been a little over-ambitious, especially I haven’t finished editing them yet!

I have just been out in the garden playing – the aim was to make the foreground sharp and the background blurry (technical term)!IMG_4516